What is it about?

Climate scientists are now largely settled on climate change being caused by human activity, and some of its devastating effects are unthinkable.  It’s now humanity’s biggest problem and is going to make life more and more difficult for our children and grandchildren, so why hasn’t it been solved?

Climate For Change The Musical has an entertaining story that exposes the difficulties:

  • It’s everyone’s problem, so it’s no one’s.
  • Our economies thrive on cheap fossil fuel.
  • Each country fears that to take action reduces its own competitiveness.
  • Coal and oil companies are afraid of losing money and so they attack climate scientists and lobby politicians for subsidies.

Economic solutions do exist but they require strong political will, and politicians cannot solve the problem if we keep voting them out of office for doing so!


We are planning to stage a preview / workshop later this year for potential producers and theatres to asses the show.  This will involve a read through / sing through of the whole production during an extended lunch hour and evening.

Locations and dates:  To be announced.

 Our Ambition

The show is entertaining with a gripping plot, classic character types, catchy tunes and great dancing, whilst being informative about the science, economics and political issues.  View Synopsis

Our ambition is huge – we want this show to be taken up by theatres and schools all around the world.

The Team

This is a joint effort by Clive Elsworth (music composition and libretto), Christopher Sly (musical arrangements) and Richard Pearl (producer/promoter)


Clive Elsworth was in countless amateur musical productions as a teenager and at university, where he became the OpSoc president.  He has studied the piano since age seven and now attends jazz piano lessons at Morley College Waterloo. He has been privately studying climate change the past four years, and is taking a sabbatical from his freelance business to get this show staged. 


Chris Sly is a professional juggler and regularly performs in top end shows in the UK and abroad, in a company of performers he jointly founded.  He also writes music for their juggling shows.  He has not only created masterful arrangements of Clive's tunes, but also had a strong influence on the script – helping to keep it light hearted, entertaining and fun, as well as informative in the most useful ways.


Richard Pearl has a long history promoting music in venues such as the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town, and the Red Eye in Islington.  In 2001 he produced the musical “Beating The Blues”, a history of that genre, for UNICEF at the Buddhist headquarters in Taplow Court, Berkshire.  Amongst the well known acts he has promoted are The Tiger Lillies, The London Ukulele Orchestra, singer Beverly Martyn and session guitarist Hugh Burns, who played with Wham and Gerry Rafferty.



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