Act 1 

Friendly time travellers from 2159 make contact with our hero Ed, in his office in 2017.  They warn him about the coming dangers of climate change on Earth, and inspire him to take action.  The next day Ed launches a new movement from a soapbox in his local park, and after having rotten fruit thrown at him, recruits Tazeem as his first member.  Tazeem then persuades her old school friend Mary to get them a meeting with her boss Hugh MP, an important government minister. 

Ed’s movement thrives, and they so inspire Hugh MP with their economic solution to climate change that it soon becomes government policy.  But Mary’s fiancée, Noel the Coal is a rich American fossil fuel magnate, and at their engagement party he recruits Hugh as his European sales director.  He also announces a new foundation to misinform the public about climate science, and makes a plan to spy on Ed. 

With newspaper headlines casting doubt on climate science, Ed’s movement begins to collapse, and this is made worse when he admits he has been communicating with time travellers.  Rejoicing, Noel sings My Evil Brain.

 Act 2 

After an unprecedented flood, Ed and Tazeem try to persuade Hugh MP and his colleagues to reinstate the carbon levy.  However, they explain that not only is there no international co‑operation but the government must carry out the will of the people, and keep energy prices down.

At their lowest point, Ed and Tazeem declare their love for each other.  Then a text arrives from the time travellers announcing they will connect again soon.  In a dramatic montage scene they spell out for disaster that climate change has turned out to be, and this time inspire Ed Tazeem and Mary to take action both at home and abroad.  The whole world wakes up to the need to switch to clean energy.

 Now very angry, Noel the Coal comes to Hugh’s Office to make him an offer he cannot refuse, but this is overheard by Mary who takes Noel to task in a bitter row.  Noel decrees he will stop at nothing to destroy Ed’s movement.   On a live TV debate show that evening Ed is accusing Hugh of being corrupt when a masked gunman comes on to the set.  However, Mary who has been following him tackles the gunman...

The time travellers arrive back from their mission to find that climate change has not deteriorated as badly as before, although it is still out of control in a runaway state.  Fortunately, they see a “temporal-energy window” to connect to three people in different countries in the earlier year of 2014… 

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